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Sankhuwasabha is Nepal’s Northeastern district. This district holds numerous important historical, religious, natural and cultural heritage. Geographically, Sankhuwasabha is at the centre of Taplejung and Terathum districts to the east, Bhojpur and Solukhumbu districts to the west, China’s Autonomous Region of Tibet to the north, and Bhojpur and Dhankuta districts to the south.

The lowest valley in the world, Arun Valley at 470m and the fifth highest mountain Mt. Makalu is also located in Sankhuwasabha. Makalu Barun National Park with its 1,500 sq. km. is also located here with most of the areas being very remote and almost always covered in snow.

The scenic beauties and tourism destinations in this region are considered as one of the best in the world and is also known to be the go-to destination for nature, adventure, flora and fauna, cultural and ethnic heritage experiences.

Taking these relevant facts to heart, Mr Kama Chiring Sherpa, under his leadership, new peaks and trekking trails were charted, on-site surveys were done, and developed to some extent. We have carried exhaustive researches, managed, and protected the trails, which traverse through Makalu Barun National Park towards Mt. Makalu Base Camp, in-turn heading outwards to Mera Peak and other peaks between 6,165m – 6,500m, located in the Solukhumbu district.

The indigenous groups living in Sankhuwasabha are Sherpa, Bhote (Tibetan origins), Shidsawa, Lhomi, Tamang, Gurung, Rai, Limbu, Magar, Newar, Chhetri, Brahmin, Bishwokarma, Darji, Kumal, Sarki etc. and boasts over 20 different regional ethnic dialects.

Sankhuwasabha is a unique blend of natural beauty and religious importance. Thus, it is home to sacred religious sites and scenic tourism destinations. There is a saying for Sankhuwasabha, that goes; “When poets visit, surely poems would be written when saints visit, they would surely meditate to attain a higher level when students visit, new formulae would surely be revealed”.

There are plenty of sacred and religious sites along the new trails or in Sankhuwasabha. These are Ne Khempalung, Dheshongbala, Ngangabadem, Buldanda be, Maja Gumba, Puchaar Gumba, Tongda Fu, Ne Kharka, and Tadosa.

Flora and fauna are so diverse in Sankhuwasabha that we see so many of the natural gifts in abundance. We can find rare and some indigenous herbs, medicinal plants, gigantic evergreen trees, and perennial flowers. These herbs that are sought after throughout the world are; Yarsa Gumba (Caterpillar Fungus – Cordyceps sinensis), Buki (Anaphalis contorta), Bikuma (Himalayan Crowfoot - Aconitum bisma), Panch Aunle (Dactylorhiza hatagirea), Choma, Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa), Sunakhari (Orchids), Loth Salla (Himalayan Yew - Taxux wallichina), Chiraito (Swertia chirata), Jatamasi (Spikenard - ‎Nardostachys grandiflora), Bojo (Calamus - Acorus calamus), Satuwa (Herb Paris - Paris polyphylla) and many more.

There is a variety of wildlife, some rarely seen and recorded in Sankhuwasabha. When lucky, we can sight the White Tiger or Khandak (locally known) and the ever-elusive Black Tiger (known by the locals) or Melanistic Asiatic Golden Cat. We can also see White Langurs, red Rhesus Monkeys, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lynx, Spotted Leopard, Pallas Cat, Jungle Cat, Large Indian Civet, Red Panda, Large Black Bear, Indian Black Bear, and the dominant Brown Bear among the wild animals to name a few.

Occasionally we can spot or listen to  Lariwa, (Danphe - Monal) Impeyan Pheasant, Peacocks, Doves, Koel Cuckoo, Falcon, Parakeets, Warblers, Whistling Thrushes, Red-vented Bulbuls, Vultures, Drongo, Bengal Green Pigeon, Sparrows, Indian Cuckoo, Bat, Swallows, Swans and many more rare, indigenous and beautiful birds in Sankhuwasabha and the Makalu Region.

This diversity and versatility of the region make it one of the most rich areas open for exploration.

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