Nepal village hike is an incredible way to get in touch with the traditional lifestyle of the Nepalese countryside. At the end of the day, hikers can stay in the home of the villagers and during your stay, they will get delicious local food and drink and comfortable accommodation provided by the host family. In the village, hikers will get a chance to interact with the villagers and get to know their culture, tradition, and way of life at first hand. On the other hand, staying with village folks means the direct contribution to the welfare of the village which is directly beneficial for local people.

There are many villages nearby Kathmandu valley where one can easily hike. Most of the hiking trails are easy and almost flat. While hiking from towns or metropolitan cities you  can see old typical houses, temples and the villagers working on their farms.

Nepal village hike connects with the local families where you can pick the fresh vegetables from their farm, enjoy locally served food, can observe how the host family milk the cow and buffalo. While hiking along the trail, you can see amazing landscape Himalayan mountain range. Nepal village hike is ideal for those who want to experience Nepal’s rural life and local culture.


  • Explore the unspoiled villages in Nepal
  • Spend a few days living with the local people as special guest
  • Feel like part of the family while staying with your host family
  • Enjoy comfortable accommodation, delicious local food and drink
  • Walk around in the village & see the developments of community supported and funded project
  • Experience traditional culture of the different ethnic groups during village hike
  • Enjoy the hospitality of warm and friendly people in the villages