Trip Introduction:

Everest North Face Expedition to Mt. Everest (8,848 m), is a route climbed from the edge of the Tibetan Plateau on the border between Nepal and Tibet (China). Everest North Face Expedition is regarded as one of the popular eight-thousander expedition in the world. Climbing Everest is an amazing experience for every climber as it is the highest mountain in the world . Most Nepalese refer to Mt. Everest as Sagarmatha ("Forehead in the Sky"), while the Tibetans and Sherpa people respectfully call Mt. Everest as Chomolungma ("Goddess Mother of the World”).

The mountain rises to a three-faced pyramid peak, that radiates three major ridges, which soar to the summit from the south, north, and the west that separate the glaciers between them.

Everest North Face Expedition - The Climb

Climbing Everest from the north or the Tibet side has become quite popular among the western mountaineers. They are attracted to the relatively cheaper royalty and other basic mountaineering services. It is also a well-established fact that this is the safest route to the summit. Hence, more climbers are attracted to the North Col. than to the South Col.

Technically speaking, it is much more challenging than the South side but does not possess the ice-fall dangers. One of the charms of Everest North Ridge route is that it offers the view of the entire route from the base camp. Everest North Face Expedition is a lifetime experience for climbers and gives each climber the experience on how they perform at extreme altitudes. Everest North Face Expedition via north-east ridge is a perfect option to take for a successful climb without facing too much crowd as compared to the Everest south side in Nepal.

From Tibet side, the expedition team will need to do several rounds of practice for climbing and acclimatize before the actual climbing push to the top.

We starts our trip driving from Kathmandu to Kerung (1850m) and further to Tingri. The Basecamp is lacated at the Rongbuk Monastery. It's Roughly 20 km trek to reach the Advanced Base Camp. ABC is located on rocky and fragmented ground with higher speed winds welcoming you. From ABC to East Rongbuk Glacier, it is rather easy, after the snowy slopes to the North col, you will reach Camp that I . The Camp I rests between Everest and Changtse. After long snowy incline, you may get to the camp II. The course from camp II into camp III is quite stormy. Topography here is made up of rocks, which seem fairly simple, but a slip here means passing. However, there are ropes in place, which gives a few perceptions of safety. On this way you'll locate fixed ropes, which will lead you to right path to the mountain. Camp IV is small camp; you are going to want to spend as little time as possible.

You may continue on the North East Ridge, at which you may encounter the first obstacle called the first step. Initial step is rock structure about 30 meters high. Some steep rock climbing will cause you to next steps; second step is the most challenging of the whole obstacle. This is about 40m in height. Another tough rock climbing sessions, you may reach to next measure. Third step is the simpler of all and contains height of 25m. After completing all three hurdles you will Reach to the Summit, from here you'll see the Many Beautiful Views of Mount Everest and then We back to the Base Camp. Everest North Face Expedition every is organized every spring by Himalayan Global Expedition

Trip Highlights

  • Climbing the highest point on Earth-Mount Everest from North Face in Tibet
  • Experience the unique culture of the Tibetan plateau and its people
  • One can enjoy the breathtaking scenery
  • Climbing route from its North side to Mount Everest is much safer
  • Climb Mt Everest North Face with professional Sherpa Guides and climbing Sherpa
  • Best quality logistics throughout the expedition.


Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu airport & Transfer to Hotel

Day 02: Tibet visa preparation and Rest day

Day 03: Expedition Briefing and Tibet Visa Issue

Day 04: Rest Day in Kathmandu

Day 05: Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa (3,650m)

Day 06: Drive from Lhasa to Shigatse (3,800m)

Day 07: Drive from Shigatse in Old Thingri (4,300m)

Day 08: Acclimatization in Old Thingri

Day 09: Drive from old Thingri to Chinese Base Camp (5,100m)

Day 10-13: Stay in Chinese Base Camp (5,100m)

Day 14: Trek from Chinese Base Camp to Intermediate Camp (6,200m)

Day 15: Intermediate Camp to Advance Base Camp (6,500m)

Day 16-52: Climbing Period from Advance Base Camp to Mt. Everest summit and Back                                                                   to Base Camp

Day 53: Back From Advance Base camp to Chinese Base camp

Day 54: Rest Day in Chinese Base camp and prepare Bag Pack

Day 55: Drive From Chinese Base camp to Thingri

Day 56: Drive from Thingri to Kerug

Day 57: Cross the Border and Drive to Kathmandu

Day 58: Rest day in Kathmandu and Farewell Dinner

Day 59: Transfer to the airport for final departure

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