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Bhutan Travel FAQ

Can we book directly with Adventure 14 Peaks for a package tour to Bhutan?
Yes, you can book directly with us.

What should I do if I am interested in a tour?
You need to first decide on the duration of holidays you like to spend and the date you wish to start your trip to Bhutan. Then we will check with the Druk Air flight schedule to make your entry and departure dates. The duration of stay in Bhutan will determine your package costs.

Do I need to get a VISA for Bhutan?
All nationalities except Indians holding a valid passport need a visa to enter Bhutan.

How do I go about getting a visa? How long does it take to process my visa?
We will get your visa for you. You simply need to fill the visa form that we will send to you and send back to us. Your visa will be ready in roughly 10 days. On your arrival at Paro airport, your visa will be stamped on your passport. You will need "two" passport size photos with a visa fee of US$ 20 when you arrive at the airport.

Can I travel alone with only a tour guide?
Individual travel is also possible in Bhutan.

Do I have to go with a planned tour or can I decide what I would like to see?
You can decide on what you want to see in Bhutan; you do not have to follow a planned tour strictly unless you are part of a group tour with a fixed itinerary. We will give you a planned tour itinerary, but once you reach Bhutan you can have flexibility with your guide. Whatever you want to see or do in Bhutan will be mainly determined by how much time you have at your disposal. We will do whatever we can to make your trip to Bhutan most comfortable and interesting. Just let us know what you like to see. But, you must buy a package tour that is an all inclusive of (hotel, full board, transfer & transport, guide and sightseeing). Having paid for a package tour, you can be flexible in the tour program, change the tour to see or do what most interests you.

Can I buy my flight tickets through Adventure 14 Peaks for Bhutan?
Yes, our company can arrange flight tickets on Druk Air flights for you.

When should I visit Bhutan?
The best season to visit Bhutan is throughout the year except June-July, due to the rains that may disrupt your flight schedule to get in or out of Bhutan. Spring and fall are the best times to trek in Bhutan.

Are there discounts when several people travel to Bhutan together?
Yes, there are discounts for several people traveling together. Depending on group size we can offer some discounts.

What languages are tours available in?
English speaking guides only in Bhutan; but German, French, Italian or Japanese speaking guides are also made available with an extra fee- usually for groups of four or more persons.

To get to Bhutan is it possible to travel overland from India?
Getting to Bhutan can be done by Air from Kathmandu, Delhi, Calcutta, Dacca, Bangkok and Overland from Indian cities of Bagdora or Siliguri/Darjeeling/Sikkim/Kalimpong.

What vehicles do you use?
For individual travelers we use Toyota cars, 4WD Land cruisers and jeeps; for groups of 3-7 persons we have Toyota Hiace mini buses; for larger groups of 8-20 persons we have Toyota Coaster Buses

How is the food in Bhutan? Is water safe to drink?
Food is much like Chinese cuisine, or as in Kathmandu hotels, Tibetan, Nepalese, Indian and Continental dishes are served. Water on treks is boiled for drinking, or with tea, it is naturally boiled; in hotels, mineral water is available.

Do I need shots for malaria, etc. for entering Bhutan?
No, you don't need shots for malaria for entering Bhutan. However, if you enter via India, you are recommended to have such precaution.

What outfit/clothes should I carry?
Warm jackets, woolen pullovers are recommended for winter; comfortable walking shoes; summers, light cotton is good. For trekking good strong hiking shoes with water protection for summer treks, light cottons or jeans are also good. Please do not forget to have at least one set of formal clothes for use in attending festivals, visiting the Dzongs, or meeting with government officials; a semi-formal dress is good for normal sightseeing and visiting temples and monasteries.

How can I make my payment for a tour?
All the tour payments must be made in advance. Tour payment must be settled by one month prior to date of arrival in Bhutan. The VISA is cleared by the Government subject to advance payment only. Once your tour is confirmed we will send you our bank address details to wire transfer the tour payments or payment with credit cards also possible with us.